How I Stop Creative Block

September 12th, 2018

A lot of times if I haven't drawn in a while or whatever other crazy reason, I'll get creative block. It's that time when I'm staring at the computer or my paper wondering what I want to draw or even thinking..."how do I draw?". Every creative person goes through it and each person has their own way of getting out of it.

The first thing I like to do when I get in a creative block is to stop trying to be creative. Is that crazy? Well, I've noticed through experience that things happen when I'm not trying. So, I'll go clean my work area or desktop, watch tv, do some research, get some coffee, etc. When I feel like I can draw again, I'll go to the sketchbook. I love "analog" drawing first before going to the computer. I feel closer to the art I'm trying to make and I will just doodle rather than try to draw one good drawing. It's very important to keep your mind open and just draw what comes out instead of focusing on a single idea.

If I'm working on the computer and the creative block hits, I like to stop and go back to my sketchbook to try out more ideas. Either by rethinking the drawing and sketch out new ideas or by just drawing other random things.

Sometimes I get creative block because I have too many ideas in my head. If I know that's what's happening, I'll figure out which idea wants to come out first and stop what I'm doing to work on that. Once I can get that idea out of the way it sort of frees up the disk space in my brain so that I can continue working on the other stuff. This happens a lot when I'm working at my day job. It's not likely that a creative person is able to sit at a 8-5 job and still be creative at the end of the day. This kills me a lot of times knowing I have to get my work done at work for me to my brain to be done at the end of the day. Sometimes I'll work on personal things first before work and then when I'm done for the day I won't have to be sad that I didn't get to be creative that day.

Try a few of my methods and see what works for you. You may discover something new along the way to help yourself get out of creative block.