part of #the100dayproject and inspired by my original poem

Meet The Heebie Jeebies

They are tiny creatures who live in everyone's home. You can't see them most of the time, but you can feel them. That feeling of your hair standing up? That was a Heebie Jeebie. Through this 100 day project, I'm going to introduce you to 100 of the Heebie Jeebies that I know about.

heebie jeebie bo

001/100 This is Bo. He's shy, but still likes to creepy crawl when you aren't looking.

heebie jeebie teak

002/100 This is Teak. If you alphabetize your record collection, he can always be found in the J's.

heebie jeebie roy

003/100 This is Roy. He's paranoid of his left side.

004/100 This is Phlora. She hides in the DVD cabinet where no one ever goes.

005/100 This is Pablo. He lurks near art galleries and loves Cubism.

006/100 This is Shell. She enjoys living in your favorite sweatshirt.

007/100 This is Loopdy. She likes sneaking around old books because she enjoys the smell.

008/100 This is Moot. She uses her cloaking ability to get pretty patterns on her round body.

009/100 This is Null. He's quite scary looking, but he just likes blending in with quilts.

010/100 This is Lurk. He's the tall dark guy in your closet.

011/100 This is Cranky. He hides in your blinds and peeps at you.

012/100 This is Z. She likes to blend in with the toys on your bed and take naps.

013/100 This is Squidge Squdge. They hide in your pajamas drawer disguised as folded laundry.

014/100 This is Big Bog. He sits by the mystery novels waiting in suspense.

015/100 This is Aph. She hides herself behind throw pillows.

016/100 This is BaBaBooba. He's the one who puts the legos on the floor for you to step on.

017/100 This is Frock. He likes frolicking in meadows and shadows.

018/100 This is Starpop. He hangs out in the space between the bed and wall looking forward to seeing your glow in the dark stars at night.

019/100 This is Nar. She hides in your gym shoes since she loves the way they smell.

020/100 This is Lor. She loves old furniture and jumping out when you open a drawer.

021/100 This is Bor. He likes standing with his feet together and pretend he's a tree.

022/100 This is Ochre. He is the reason your earbuds are always knotted.

023/100 This is Ote. He hides behind your faux cactus collection.

024/100 This is Qute. She reads your sci-fi books and watches space movies while you're sleeping.

025/100 Who?

026/100 Who?

027/100 Who?

028/100 Who?

029/100 Who?

030/100 Who?

031/100 Who?

032/100 Who?

033/100 Who?

034/100 Who?

035/100 Who?

036/100 Who?

037/100 Who?

038/100 Who?

039/100 Who?

040/100 Who?

041/100 Who?

042/100 Who?

043/100 Who?

044/100 Who?

045/100 Who?

046/100 Who?

047/100 Who?

048/100 Who?

049/100 Who?

050/100 Who?

051/100 Who?

052/100 Who?

053/100 Who?

054/100 Who?

055/100 Who?

056/100 Who?

057/100 Who?

058/100 Who?

059/100 Who?

060/100 Who?

061/100 Who?

062/100 Who?

063/100 Who?

064/100 Who?

065/100 Who?

066/100 Who?

067/100 Who?

068/100 Who?

069/100 Who?

070/100 Who?

071/100 Who?

072/100 Who?

073/100 Who?

074/100 Who?

075/100 Who?

076/100 Who?

077/100 Who?

078/100 Who?

079/100 Who?

080/100 Who?

081/100 Who?

082/100 Who?

083/100 Who?

084/100 Who?

085/100 Who?

086/100 Who?

087/100 Who?

088/100 Who?

089/100 Who?

090/100 Who?

091/100 Who?

092/100 Who?

093/100 Who?

094/100 Who?

095/100 Who?

096/100 Who?

097/100 Who?

098/100 Who?

099/100 Who?

100/100 Who?